Flexi Top & Side – The art of flexible lighting

During this last Light + Building fair, new products, new finishes and new materials have been presented to meet the needs of lighting designers and architects who find the light not an accessory but an aesthetic, functional and architectural completion of their interior and exterior design projects.

Among the various outdoor lighting systems, the Flexi Top & Side have been the most successful ones. They were linear fixtures, with integrated LED light source, and flexible, thanks to the polymerized resin “body”. Just like ropes, they can be managed in a simple and intuitive way because they adapt and position themselves, recessed or mounted on surface, creating curved or more articulated lines of light, always particular shapes.

Available in 3 color temperatures (3300 K-3700 K-5200 K), in RGB and only for the Flexi TOP in RGB move, they are adaptable systems with a simple installation.

Flexi Top allows a bending illumination which follows the direction of the light while Flexi Side, with a lateral source, give the opportunity to personalize the light. Every setting can have its particular and "unique" luminous source, without interruption, thanks to strips up to 5 meters long positioned one following the other.

They have a high degree of protection against dust and against temporary immersion (up to IP67), therefore original light effects can be created indoor and outdoor, even next to pools, jacuzzis or SPA areas.

Flexi Top & Side are the perfect solution for those who want to create a particular effect and give a more aesthetic and artistic lighting to a space despite not giving up on functionality and cutting-edge technological performances.

With Flexi Top & Side, the art of flexible lighting lives on the versatility of shapes, colors and dimensions.