Light + Building 2018: product news

Aldabra never ceases to amaze. During the Light + Building that has just closed its doors after 6 days of meetings, appointments and workshops about the concept "Connected - Secure - Convenient", the Italian brand has succeeded in presenting innovative lighting products, for structures, optics and finishes for a real "sensorial experience".

For the indoor sector, SHANGHAI and PATH were the key elements. SHANGHAI, thanks to its modular feature that creates customized lighting solutions always new, has been presented in a "staircase" suspension composition, for an idea of modularity even at different heights, or in a chained shape, for wider lighting solutions, with new finishes: wood, sand and copper. PATH, on the other hand, is the luminous skirting board that, surface mounted or recessed on the ground or on the ceiling, makes the space more intimate and refined. A solution that can be available in different colors and materials, from an hi-tech aluminium to a pure white passing through a wood effect, for a taste of furnishing suitable for any architectural context.

In the field of recessed spotlights, HOLE is the perfect solution for a “nude look” effect. Being trimless and recessed in the ceiling, this spot disappears completely from the view creating a very similar "starry" atmosphere.

But the various outdoor solutions have been the main characters of the booth and they had great success.

First of all VERTEBRA, an absolutely new power LED lighting system. Flexible, with resin integrated lights and optics and with an IP67 grade of protection, it is the perfect solution to illuminate and "shape" curved architectural elements.

Great curiosity for an innovative system of sublimation finishing has been aroused by VEGA too. The outdoor handrail, suitable for private residences or major entries such as museums or office buildings, both historic and super modern, thanks to its 5 new textures, from copper to bronze and 3 wood effects, succeeds in personalizing and giving a touch of "warmer" and more welcoming light to any environment.

For the resin systems, they were presented two new models: EK3 with optics and EK1 with a resin in a Klein electric because even when turned off, the resin fixtures signed by Aldabra are a super-modern decorative elements. State-of-the-art solutions that are the result of a R & D department always looking for innovation and new technologies. It is right for NAKI, an ultra cleaned lighting fixture, without edges, which allows light to be positioned by a rail of fasting hook.

Still in the resin sector, the FLEXI solutions (TOP and SIDE) allow maximum flexibility in size, color and positioning. For a truly unique light design.

In the outdoor range, a 65 and 110 mm spot solutions have also been proposed. AZIMUT, thanks to its slightly vintage design and the choice of more old style finishes such as wood or traditional white, recalls the headlight of old bicycles.

Finally, STAR is a recessed lighting system that can have a round or square ring and a RGBW lighting solution.

Last but not least, the Light + Building was the stage for the presentation of the winning project of the initiative "KERLIGHT - Design your light with Kerlite", which will be fully included in the new Aldabra collection. TREE-ANGLE, designed by 967ARCH, is the outdoor lighting bollard with a lighting LED soul protected by a polymerized resin and hold between two slabs of Kerlite, for a light with a material effect.

Many ideas, many projects, many innovations that have led Aldabra to be appreciated for innovative and intelligent solutions, always up-to-date and highly technological.


At the following link you can download the 2018 Preview Catalog.