Pre and Aftersales

We offer a technical consultancy service to internal and external commercial services, customers, installers and designers both in Italy and abroad.

The service aims to provide technical support during the pre-sales stage (planning, quoting, preliminary checks) and the aftersales stage (in the event any defects or technical/functional non-conformities arise).


As far as pre-sales consultancy is concerned, technical support will cover the application of Aldabra appliances based on:

-          the function and application of the appliances;

-          the type of building and/or environment;

-          the needs of the customer and/or designer;

-          the suitability of the appliances;

-          the system composition;

-          mounting recommendations (dos and don'ts);

-          special sample set-ups;

-          any piece of advice or information which makes concluding the sale easier from a technical point of view.


As far as aftersales consultancy is concerned, technical support will cover the entire claim cycle, in particular:

-          receipt and preliminary examination of the claim to determine whether or not it qualifies as a warranty claim;

-          contact with the claimant;

-          on-the-spot checks, wherever necessary;

-          identification of the problem;

-          a decision on the recommended course of action from a technical point of view;

-          the passing on of the dossier to Customer Service for the commercial settlement of the matter.


The Service will provide all relevant technical documentation (application manual), including diagrams, plans, tables, handbooks etc., which contains the information and advice that everyone involved in the pre- and aftersales processes requires.

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