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Aldabra guarantees its products against manufacturing and/or design defects for the length of time established under applicable laws. The warranty period shall run from the invoice date. The warranty on products made from AISI 316 L stainless steel lasts for a period of 10 years and is limited to the pitting corrosion of the body. The end user may submit a claim to their supplier by presenting their purchase invoice or sales receipt and the certification listed in item 6. Aldabra must be informed of the defect in writing no later than two months from the date it was ascertained. The warranty is granted on the following conditions:

1.the warranty only applies to products, either purchased from an authorized Aldabra Dealer or from Aldabra, which have been fully paid for;

2.the products must be used within the scope of use permitted by their technical specifications and stated in their instruction manuals;

3.the products must be installed by qualified technicians in accordance with the supplied instructions;

4.the warranty only applies if the products are powered using power supply devices supplied by Aldabra as part of the product order;

5.the warranty only applies if the products are installed in their corresponding housing boxes supplied by Aldabra;

6.product installation must be certified by the installation technician in accordance with applicable laws. This certification must be provided along with the product purchase invoice when making a claim;

7.the warranty is not applicable if: the products have been modified, tampered with or repaired by third parties who have not received prior authorization from Aldabra; the electrical and/or mechanical installation of the products is incorrect; the products are operated in an environment whose characteristics do not comply with those necessary for correct operation, including line disturbances and faults exceeding the limits set by the IEC 61000-4-5 (2005-11) standard; the products have been damaged in any way after they were received from Aldabra;  

8.the warranty applies to accompanying electronic components (power supply devices, dimmers, control devices etc.) supplied by Aldabra and manufactured by third parties under the conditions and within the limits set by their manufacturers;

9.the warranty only applies to LED light sources if their level of defectiveness surpasses the set nominal level of 0.2%/1000 hours of operation. The warranty does not cover drops in luminous flux below 0.6%/1000 hours of operation;

10. the LEDs Aldabra uses in its products are carefully selected in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) C 78.377A However, variations in the colour temperature may occur from batch to batch. These variations will not be considered defects if they fall within the tolerance limits set by the LED manufacturer;

11. should a defect be ascertained after six months from the date of purchase, the purchaser has the obligation of proving the defect and its cause;

12. if Aldabra recognizes the defect, it may choose either to replace or repair the defective products. Aldabra may replace the defective products with alternative products (which may differ in terms of size, light emission, colour temperature, colour rendering index, finish and configuration) which are nonetheless essentially the same as the defective ones;

13. should repairs or replacement prove impossible or cost more than the invoiced value of the defective products, Aldabra may terminate the sales contract and refund the purchase price to the purchaser (transport and installation costs excluded);

14. should it be necessary for Aldabra to examine a defective product, dismantling and transport costs are the responsibility of the purchaser;

15. the warranty covers the services listed in item 12. Any costs arising from the dismantling of the defective products and the installation of replacements (new or repaired) will be borne by the purchaser;

16. Aldabra is not responsible for any material or immaterial damages suffered by the purchaser or by third parties which result from the ascertained defect, such as loss of use, loss of profits and loss of savings;

17. warranty repairs carried out by Aldabra do not entail an extension to the warranty on the repaired products; however, the full warranty period applies to any replacement parts used in the repairs;

18. Aldabra does not accept any responsibility beyond this warranty excluding any other right provided by the law.

19. This warranty does not replace the Dealer’s guarantee which applies in the first place beside Aldabra’s warranty.



Aldabra, thanks to the high quality of its products, is able to offer its clients the option of extending the warranty period to 5 years from the date on the purchase invoice. This service is at no extra cost. To request the warranty extension, you must register on our website via the "services/warranty registration" section on completion of the purchase. The appropriate contract will then be drawn up.





Subject: Information on the processing of your personal data, pursuant to article 13 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 concerning the protection of personal data, and request for your consent for the processing of such data.

1. The Lgs. Decree 196/2003 has introduced the law on the protection of personal data. In compliance with the prescriptions of this law, the treatment of personal data on the part of our organization is organized on the basis of the principles of correct conduct, legality and transparency and protection of the confidentiality and of the rights of the persons to which the data refer.

2. In this sphere, we provide you with the information as prescribed by article 13 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 and we ask you to express your consent for the processing of the personal data as specified further below for the following purposes: a. to deal with your request for general information and/or booking in order to give you the relative information;

3. The conferment of your data is optional; however, their partial, inexact or non-conferment could make it impossible to supply the services that you have requested.

4. In the quality of customers or potential customers, the data that are the subject of the processing are generally of an ordinary type, since they consist essentially in elements of personal identity. Should you, in the fields that do not provide for a specific indication, communicate to us data that are of a sensitive nature, as referred to by article 4 letter d) of Lgs. Decree 196/2003, and as such needful of particular protection, we inform you that such data shall be processed by us with respect for the limits prescribed by the Privacy law.

5. The processing of the data collected shall be carried out by means of electronic instruments and/or on hard copy and, in any case, in compliance with the legal provisions in force relative to this matter.

6 Your personal data "non-sensitive" can be treated within the normal commercial activities carried out by our company, for statistical purposes, marketing, promotion and in connection with the promotion and the sale of products sending by email advertising material or the use of other commercial communication systems

7. We inform you that our organization provides for the necessary organizational, physical and logical measures, in order to guarantee the security of the data, with particular reference to the provisions of annex B to the Pres. Decree 196/2003 Technical specifications regarding minimum security measures.

8. We remind you that you may always exercise towards us your rights foreseen by article 7 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 such as, for example, the updating, correction or cancellation of the data.

9. To exercise such rights, please contact the Data Processors of the processing.


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